Indian Relatives at Weddings!

​This is an illustration of what happened when my brother got married. A huge day for all of us as we were welcoming a new member to our family. Being the bridegroom’s brother,a lot of responsibilities were on me. Weddings means a lot of relatives. Relatives are of many kinds. Some of the kinds of the relatives I observed in the last ten to fifteen days may be described as under. First kind of relatives are those who are really interested in the wedding and are keen to do work.These relatives are very helpful and understanding. Second kind of relatives are those who do auxiliary work i.e. their work is is not significant but it acts as a catalyst. Another kind of relatives are those who come only so that they could read newspaper with no intervention. Next kind of relatives are the cunning ones. They show that they are doing work and the program is going on because of their work but instead they do nothing,just move from on from one place to another. The remaining few have a combined goal i.e. food. They are only seen active when the food is ready and served. But however they behave, after all they are our relatives and we need them to share our joys and sorrows.


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