Express without distressing others!

In today’s world, we can express our views faster than a bullet from a gun. We have so many platforms to rant about things that itch us or which we love to think or talk about. But, have we ever realised that even with possessing these resources at our disposal we still aren’t able to truely express ourselves and once in a blue if someone does, people thrash him for confronting the truth. The base line is, we all love to live in an illusionary world of our own. Where, we are the king and all others are below us. We forget the richness of being humble. We forget with whom or about whom we are talking and we just go on and on. Another aspect of it, boon or a curse I don’t know, is that it can make a person respectable and famous in no time and vice versa, can bring him down even faster. It only depends upon which side we choose. Ethical or Material. There is nothing wrong in expressing our views and opinions. We have that right to do so in our constitution. But, there is a thing called Common Sense and YES, it’s not so common. We should have the sense of where we are expressing and the use of our language. Just because we are on the ethical side does not mean that we have the right to express in whatever way we deem to be fit. Right to express is a precious gift and we should use it often but cautiously or else we might end up in an unfavourable situation ourselves!!


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